Bump and Baby

Bump and baby is your special time to really capture the essence of every moment of your  pregnancy and beyond. The most beautiful thing mother nature can do for women can be cherished by Phocus Portraits forever, and then carry forward this special moment in to the birth of your new baby. 


The first few days and weeks of a baby’s life are the most magical moments. Being able to capture those moments is such a honour for myself at Phocus Portraits. 


With our amazing baby props and back drops we can capture every innocent beauty of your new baby from newborn up to one year.


At just every stage from Bump through to Baby it is just £29.00 for the photoshoot plus a free 10x8” Mounted print of choice. 



A little information to think about before you visit:


Bump Shoots:


You may be thinking, I can't possibly get in front of the camera, I feel so big! I know I have been there and only a couple of months ago, its fresh in my mind! But I can promise you, you have never been as beautiful as when you are carrying your baby. This is a moment in your life you can never get back. It will just be a memory. Phocus Portraits cherish this moment and capture that one moment in life. I recommend around the 35 week upward mark for your photoshoot, to fulfil the beautiful shape you have become. 



New Born Photoshoots:


Booking times:


I highly recommend booking your newborn session as early as 3 months prior to your approximate delivery date.

I know you are going to be super excited to meet your little one, ten perfect toes, kiss there super soft lips and we want to capture those moments as soon as possible. So as soon as you are allowed to go home from the hospital, please get in touch and  we can arrange the defiant date and time for your photo shoot. Sessions are then scheduled 2-4 days following. 


Please don't stress if your little one makes a appearance early, or in my case, very stubborn very late!!! Or you had a c-section and feel it would all be to much. Please just get In touch and we can book your session to accommodate you as soon as possible to capture the tiniest of moments. The youngest I have had in the studio is 3days and the smallest was 4lb6. 



Studio Times:


When scheduling the session the earlier the better. Newborns in the first few days tend to do very well in the studio oppose to a baby 2 weeks onwards. They tend not to wake up quite so easily and we can safety pose them in various poses and in to props. Once they learn the art of stretching there little  fingers, toes and the legs attached, its not so easy to pose them. But please don't panic, I will happily photograph them after this stage, as you get the moments of cute yawns and eyes wide open looking at the camera. 


Location and about the Studio:


My studio is based in West Park, Plymouth. I am a professional private studio, set in the row of shops in West Park. The studio is professionally set to accommodate you and your newborn baby to enjoy your experience. A lovely seating area for you to get comfy In while watching  me photograph your new little one. A  kitchen for any milk prep and toilets. 

Safety is very important and any posing equipment used is all purposely made for newborns. Cloths and outfits used are washed in persil non-bio and fresh for every photoshoot. 

The studio will be pre-warmed for the photo shoot and will need to remain at this heat ready for your photo-shoot. This keeps your new little one sleepy for the photo shoot and also keeps them warm as they are so young. So please bear this in mind when dressing for the occasion. It Will Get Hot!! 


There is also customer parking in front of my shop, so for new mummies, you don't have to walk far.


Sleep and feeding:



Sleep and feeding are crucial to helping with the outcome to the photoshoot. For the nice poses and wrapping them in to tiny bundles, deep sleep is very much needed. This is all easier said than done! (I know!) But to encourage all this, I highly recommend keep your new baby stimulated at least two hours before your photo shoot, a nice bath will help. Also the dreaded car journey your thinking?? Yes try to keep them awake on route to me. Also for these two hours try to give as little feed as possible or none at all and when you come in the studio the first thing we do is give them there feed. But please don't be pulling your hair out if your little one is screaming the house down, accommodate them and we will work from there when you come in. 




This is normal,  I like to photograph babies with no nappies on so we can get the out fits and wraps perfectly round there little bodies. They WILL wee, they may even poo, they even may wee and poo on you or me. Please don't be embarrassed, its normal it happens daily and I will probably continue till I have the photo I am pleased with, then we will clean up and move on to the next setup. Don't worry I have a Baby at home who likes to fountain on me! 



Parents and Siblings:


As stated above you may get weed on. So what I like to do is any family photos at the start of the session and siblings. Siblings will get bored after there photos are done. So an  idea is dad/parent/family member either takes the child away after there photos or you bring something to occupy them. We have free wifi for any tablets! 

The session may take 2-4 hours please bring any nibbles you may want to keep you going, I do have tea and coffee you can help your self too. 


Your Photos and Payment:


After the Photo shoot, I welcome you back to view the photos in the studio at a later date. The Payment for the photo shoot is due on the day, but any further products you may wish to purchase at the viewing is due at the viewing, unless discussed with myself. I take payment of Card, Paypal, bank transfer or cash.